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The LetzKeepItREAL
Family Of Networks

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Join more than a million of happy users

The LetzKeepItREAL Family Of Networks Consist Of 4 Individual Networks (A Social Network, Career Network, Kreative Network, & Dating-Plus Network). All 4 Of The Networks Are Connected By A User Friendly Dashboard That Provides Users With Access To Each Individual Network!



The LetzKeepItREAL Family Of Networks Has A Host Of Features

4 Social Networks In 1

The LetzKeepItREAL Network consists of 4 Individual Networks:  Social Network, Career Network, Creative Network and a Dating Network.

Online Shopping

The LetzKeepItREAL Network has 4 online stores for buying & selling goods and services online.  Each Network Store will sell a variety of Merchandise.

Social Media Marketing

Individuals & Businesses can Market their Products & Services on the LetzKeepItReal Social Network. Banner Advertisements, Marketplace Promotions & Wall Promotions Available



The LetZKeepItREAL Social Network offers "HOPE", which is a way to help donate funds to other Network Users that are in need. "HOPE" will also assist in "Help" and "Relief" efforts for Natural Disasters, and Fundraising Campaign.

How the LetzKeepItREAL Network Works

A Real Worldwide Social 

Media Network

We are extremely delighted to bring you our new LetzKeepItREAL Social Network! We have created the next generation of Social Media Networks with 4 Networks in 1: 1) Social Network, 2) Dating Network, 3) Career Network, and 4) Kreative (Creative) Network. All four of our Networks are connected by a User Friendly “Dashboard” which provides our “Users” with a “One Stop Shop” for all your Social Media Needs.

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User & Verified Profiles

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Social Media Beyond Expectations!

  • Discover Something New!

  • Connect With People WORLDWIDE!

  • Find Amazing Friends!

  • Follow Your Interests!

  • See What Other People Are Talking About!

  • Free Memberships!


Our Story

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Real Talk, Real People,

Real Life Experiences

AISE Engineering Corporation Has Created The LetzKeepItREAL Network.  The LetzKeepItREAL Network Is An Online Social Media Service.

Be Engaged, Entertained & Informed On The LetzKeepItREAL Network!The LetzKeepItREAL Family Of Networks has a host of tools, features, and social media walls where Network Users can post pictures, videos, and GIFs, share links, embed code, and cross post with their friends and followers on the LetzKeepItREAL Network and all other major social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many more.)



"The LetzKeepItREAL Network Provides You With New & Updated Information Daily On A Variety Of Interesting Topics!

John Stevens

You Can Meet New Friends On The LetzKeepItREAL Network.  I Enjoy The Real Talk, LoL, What's Hot & Other Network Walls! 

Lisa Carter

I Like Shopping & Saving Money Using The LetzKeepItREAL Network Affiliates Programs and Network Stores.  If You Like Saving Money:  Try It!

Alice Clark